Top Tips for Watering New Trees in Summer

The summer heat and cold winter can mean life or death for newly planted trees. Young trees expend a lot of energy making leaves while their trunks are still small.

Watering trees in summer is vital to avoid the stress of hot summer weather on newly-= planted trees, which can be deadly. For optimum plant health, schedule tree trimming in Wake forest by Raleigh Tree Service.

How much water do these young trees need? How often should you water?  What factors affect a tree’s water needs?

Here’s what you need to know about watering trees in summer.

How Much Water Do Trees Need in Summer?

To keep your new tree healthy, give it at least one inch of water per week—more if there are long stretches between rainfalls.

However, this depends on your soil type. If you’re unsure whether your plant has enough water, stick your finger into the soil; if it feels dry, it is deficient in soil moisture.

The amount of water a newly planted tree needs depends on how much rain your area receives and how much sun/shade your tree gets.

If you are unsure of how much water your tree needs overall, you can use this formula:

  • Measure the diameter of your tree (in inches) at the height of four feet above ground level
  • Multiply that number by four
  • Divide by 20 to get gallons per inch of diameter.

For example, let’s say the diameter of your tree is two inches; multiply two by four; divide by 20 to get 0.1 gallons per inch of diameter.

So, if you have a ten inch trunk diameter, you will need about one gallon of water every ten days (since there are 20 inches in one foot).

Be sure not to overwater your tree. It can drown tree roots and even kill your plant if you give too much water!

If your tree is near other plants or shrubs, make sure you don’t overwater them by watering too much around them. If you do this by accident, it will cause them to die!

How Frequently Should You be Watering Trees in Summer?

The best time for watering  new trees in summer is in the morning before it gets too hot. If you water at night, the moisture will evaporate by morning.

Frequent watering is necessary for newly planted trees. Water them using a soaker hose once a week for the first year after planting. Watering should occur every two weeks from spring through fall and once a month in winter in subsequent years.

For mature trees, watering them once a week during the summer months is sufficient, but you may want to increase this frequency if you have an especially dry summer. Be sure to water deeply enough so that water penetrates at least two inches into the soil around the tree’s root ball.

Contact the Tree Care Experts in North Carolina for More Advice

When it comes to watering new trees in summer, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Trees need less water than ever during the hot days of summer.
  • If you planted your tree in the ground, water it every two weeks. If you’re watering by hand, use a soaker hose with a nozzle that disperses water evenly over the canopy. Heavy watering can lead to root rot and other problems.
  • If your tree is in a container or raised bed, you can water it more frequently, but only when necessary.

Our certified arborists at Raleigh Tree Service are available to offer assistance with watering trees in summer and help you learn about how far you should plant your trees from your house.

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