How Do You Remove a Tree Stump From the Ground in Wake Forest, NC?

After removing the unwanted tree from your yard, you have the stump to deal with. You might find yourself asking, “How do you remove a tree stump from the ground?”

Stumps aren’t just an eyesore; you can also trip over them and hurt yourself. However, removing them can be a real headache. 

It’s no wonder some property owners in Wake Forest leave the stumps in the ground. Even so, the task isn’t as impossible as it might seem. 

In this blog post, Raleigh Tree Service, Wake Forest’s tree service contractor, explains some of the most effective tree stump removal methods. 

Use Chemicals

Looking for a simple way to remove tree stumps that won’t drain your energy? Use a chemical like Epsom salt. While this process is simple, it’ll take significant time, especially when dealing with a large stump. So, how does it work?

You need first to drill holes in the stump. The holes should be about two inches deep and wide enough to allow you to pour the chemical safely. 

Next, fill the holes with Epsom salt or any other chemical stump remover. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions while using the chemical. 

Over time, the chemical softens the wood and accelerates decomposition. Once the wood is fully rotten, you can easily chop it up with a hatchet and remove the debris. Lastly, add soil to the void and level it off. 

Burn the Stump

Another easy tree stump removal technique is to burn it. You can use this method alone or with other techniques, like manual or chemical removal. 

You shouldn’t use diesel fuel, bleach, or motor oil to burn a tree stump. Tree care specialists recommend only kerosene and fuel oil. 

While this is a quick and effective method, you should ensure you don’t violate any regulations. If you live within city limits, confirm whether the local ordinances allow you to burn tree stumps or if you need a permit. 

Grind the Stump

Ask any experienced arborist in Wake Forest: how do you remove a tree stump from the ground? They’ll likely advise you to use a stump grinder. This is particularly true if you want to remove a larger stump or multiple old stumps. 

A stump grinder helps shred a large or stubborn stump, making it easier to remove. As the name implies, this machine grinds the stump and roots to about one foot into the ground. Such depth is usually enough to kill the entire stump. 

However, the small grinders we often rent from local home improvement stores can’t handle some bulky stumps.  In such situations, you need a more powerful, professional-grade stump grinder. 

Unfortunately, commercial-grade stump grinders can be beyond your reach. They’re more expensive to buy or rent and also require proper training to operate and specialized equipment to transport them. 

You’re better off calling a professional to help you grind the stump. This way, you won’t worry about hauling heavy equipment. You’ll also avoid the hassle of purchasing safety gear or dealing with the local fire department and leftover sawdust.  

Contact Your Local Tree Experts for Assistance

How do you remove a tree stump from the ground? Will cutting limbs off a tree kill it? If you need more information about these questions or other concerns about your tree’s health, reach out to Raleigh Tree Service. 

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