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Professional Lot Clearing in Raleigh NC

Before business owners can open a store and before developers can construct a home, lot and land clearing is often needed. Raleigh Tree Service is proud to provide complete lot and land clearing services in the Raleigh, NC area. This process is an essential part of modern architecture and infrastructure. It is what provides the sturdy foundation for a business or home to exist.

The lot clearing process can take many forms depending on the geography, climate, and composition of the land. Generally speaking, the overall goal is to remove unnecessary trees, roots, and shrubbery  in order to prepare the property to build new structures.  In addition, services like selective thinning will maximize the growth and health of your existing trees.

Fundamentally, clearing brush and trees are about maximizing the usability of the land. There are many nuances and factors to consider when it comes to the long-term health of your property. If executed well, clearing brush and trees will enable you to get the most value out of your investment.

Why Is It Important To Clear Your Lot Prior to Construction?

Traditional lot and land clearing can be an effective way to remove debris from construction sites. However, it does little to enhance the overall quality of the land and soil. Here are a some reasons to work with Raleigh Tree Service when it comes to construction site preparation.

  • Stabilize the Land – Whether the construction project is residential or commercial in scope, the most critical requirement is that the land is stable. That way, the structures can stay in place for as long as possible. One way to ensure healthy soil is with turn key tree and stump removal. Removing unnecessary shrubs and plant life can prevent future erosion. Our team will redistribute the existing soil to enhance the structural integrity of the site. This process also improves the health of the land as it eliminates nutrient-sucking weeds and invasive species.
  • Remove Hazards – A construction site has many potential hazards. For instance, rotting wood and dead trees can be harbingers of decay and disease. The decomposing materials are liable to spread to other nearby plant life, too. Raleigh Tree Service also performs brush clearing to minimize the risk of fire hazards. Overgrown vegetation is a particularly fertile spot for a wildfire to take hold. Removing the excessive stumps, trees, and other plants can provide a safer work and living environment. Furthermore, proper removal of dead or decaying materials will reduce pests. Many bacteria, termites, and other unwanted pests make unkempt vegetation their home. Lot and land clearing quarantines this threat and fosters a healthier ecosystem.
  • Improve Aesthetics – Perhaps most importantly for developers, lot and land clearing make the terrain more comfortable to navigate. That means providing smooth and navigable surfaces that are absent of unwieldy trees and obstacles. This complexion makes their life infinitely more accessible when it comes to building structures and later capturing the eye of potential customers or residents.

Professional Land Clearing from Raleigh Tree Service

Lot clearing comes in all different shapes and sizes. It applies to both residential property owners who want to expand their yard as well as property managers looking to build a new development. No matter the objective, we can help you achieve those goals.

Our highly-trained staff receives rigorous training on the best practices of lot clearing. We provide the following services to make sure your property or lot is ready for construction or re-landscaping.

Turn Key Tree & Stump Removal

Our team at Raleigh Tree Service will assess the property and help determine which trees and/or stumps should stay and which will need to be removed.  Once you are ready for our professionals to start, we’ll swiftly go to work on removing any tree and/or stump from your property.  We pride ourselves on working quickly and proficiently so that you can begin building as soon as possible!

Selective Thinning

Sometimes you may just want to increase space for existing trees to flourish on your property.  If there are too many trees in one area, it can affect the amount of nutrients and sunlight available to each tree.  Essentially, you’re spreading the resources too thin.  Our trained team can determine which tree or trees need to be removed in order provide more space to encourage trees to grow to their full potential.  We’ll do this in the most low impact manner possible in order to keep the trees around the work area protected.

Stump Digging

There are instances where you can leave a tree’s stump in place after removing the tree.  The roots will naturally die off and decompose.  However, if you’re building or need completely level land immediately, it will be necessary to remove the tree’s stump completely.  We have the tools necessary to dig out the tree’s stump and roots.  Once we remove the stump, we’ll refill the hole and compact the dirt leaving the area level.

Why Choose Us For Your Lot Clearing in North Raleigh, NC?

Raleigh Tree Service’s full-service tree care specialists will transform lots with meticulous care. We take pride in leaving areas better than when we arrive, and your property is no exception. In addition to maximizing the looks and usability of the area, we work hard to minimize the impact of diseases, invasive species, erosion, and nutrient deprivation in the soil.

The widespread attention to detail is why hundreds of clients make us their go-to option when it comes to lot clearing. Armed with a complete range of services and reliable solutions, we are qualified to tackle any project you may have. Plus, we utilize top of the line equipment to ensure the job gets the swift and seamless treatment it needs.

If you are unsure about whether or not to have your lot cleared, we can help there too. Our staff can walk you through potential services and options so that you get the insight you need to make an informed decision. We will work within your budget, needs, and preferences. Talk with one of our representatives for more information or to get a free estimate by calling (919)-889-5783 today.

You have come to the right place for expert Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Stump Grinding and Friendly Service! At Raleigh Tree Service, we proudly provide Greater Raleigh, NC and The Triangle with safe, affordable and efficient tree service.

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