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Professional Tree Removal in Raleigh NC

At Raleigh Tree Service we have the expertise, equipment and staff to handle any tree removal job.  We remove trees using a crane, bucket truck or climbers as appropriate.  Our Raleigh based tree removal professionals have the training to work around hazards and obstacles. Whether your tree is situated near a high voltage power line or precariously leaning over a swimming pool, fence, or home; we can help.

Our tree removal experts have the knowledge & experience to help you decide when tree removal is necessary, then design the best plan to make it happen.  We will also remove the tree’s  entire stump from your yard or property leaving your yard looking unscathed and safe.

Why Is It Important To Hire A Tree Removal Professional?

Tree removal is a big undertaking.  Not only is it physically daunting and potentially dangerous, but it also may be illegal to remove without a permit.  Tree preservation is the ultimate goal, but there are times when a tree must be removed.

Some of these include:

  • Strong winds have knocked the tree over
  • The tree has severe root rot
  • The tree is interfering with power lines
  • The tree’s trunk is splitting

Tree service professionals have the education, experience, and equipment necessary to remove a tree from your house.  We can determine whether the tree can be saved or must be removed.  We can assure that the tree removal does not affect your neighbors or nearby structures.  Most importantly, we know the safety measures needed to remove a tree so that you and your family remain safe.  It is in your best interest to call a tree service company, like Raleigh Tree Service, to discuss potential tree removal.

Residential & Commercial Tree Removal NC

Not every tree service company has the experience or licensing to remove large trees from your home or commercial property.  At Raleigh Tree Service, we specialize in tree removal.  Our team of skilled professionals provide the following:

  • Precision Tree Removal-We will assess the tree and its surrounding area before making a calculated tree removal plan.  We make a plan and execute safely and proficiently.
  • Low Impact Tree Removal-We want to make sure the rest of your yard, garden, grass, or property is considered while removing your tree or trees.  It’s our main goal to leave with your yard looking even better than it did when we arrived.  This means removing the branches and debris and removing your tree in a way that doesn’t affect the rest of your yard.
  • Crane Assisted Tree Removal– We have the cranes and other necessary equipment needed to safely remove mature, large trees from your residential or commercial property. Cranes are often needed in crowded areas where a tree may need to be lifted over other houses once cut.

Contact Us Today For Your Commercial Or Residential Tree Removal Needs!

Learn more about tree removal by reaching out to the professionals at Raleigh Tree Service. We’re here to safely and quickly remove your trees and/or stumps from your property.  No matter the size of the tree or number of trees, we have the means to get the job done!  Call us today at (919)-889-5783 to schedule your tree removal consultation. 

You have come to the right place for expert Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Stump Grinding and Friendly Service! At Raleigh Tree Service, we proudly provide Greater Raleigh, NC and The Triangle with safe, affordable and efficient tree service.

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