Will Broken Branches Kill a Tree in Wake Forest, NC?

Will broken branches kill a tree? When you find one of your favorite specimens damaged, it’s only natural to worry. The good news is that it’s probably not as dire as it seems.

As an expert tree service in Wake Forest, we at Raleigh Tree Service have witnessed the natural resilience of arboreal species firsthand. Keep reading as we discuss the details and hopefully bring you peace of mind.

Effect of Damaged Branches on Tree Survival

Trees excel at patching themselves up. They possess a remarkable natural process called compartmentalization, where they can lock away compromised tissue and stop the spread of disease to healthier parts.

This doesn’t mean they can brush off all injuries, though. If you find substantial damage, or about 25% of its canopy broken, they might struggle to recover without assistance.

Restoring Tree Health After Broken Branches

Can broken limbs harm trees? Follow this approach to help ensure your tree not only survives but thrives:

Inspect the Situation

A close assessment is your first step. If the debris fell on a nearby power line or your home, it’s critical to contact the utility company or a professional, then take photos before doing anything else. Always err on the side of caution when dealing with damaged trees!

Clear the Debris

After guaranteeing your safety, tackle cleanup next. Broken branches, twigs, and leaves can become breeding grounds for pests and diseases, which may spread to the rest of the tree or even to nearby flora. 

Promptly clearing them reduces the risk of transmission. It’s a simple step, but it minimizes the consequences of broken branches on tree vitality.

Make Clean Cuts

Will broken branches kill a tree? When they break off from storms, strong winds, or accidental impacts, they usually leave jagged remnants that make compartmentalization difficult. 

Use sharp, clean shears or a saw to prune these remnants back to the nearest branch collar—the slightly swollen area right where the branch meets the trunk or another branch. 

It’s akin to putting a neat bandage on a wound. Doing so not only promotes faster healing but also prevents water and pests from settling in the nooks and crannies that could breed decay. 

Can You Restore Broken Branches?

Will damaged limbs kill trees? Believe it or not, a little patience and the right techniques can help you coax some of them back into the fold. Here’s how:

Repairing Small Branches

Smaller twigs are the easiest to deal with. You can often use grafting tape to gently connect the broken parts together. It usually takes several months for them to fully heal and meld back into a single, stronger unit. 

Repairing Large Branches

The weight of larger branches poses a distinct challenge. You might need to support it with braces or cables to distribute the load evenly and prevent further injury. For low-lying branches, some people utilize makeshift crutches that can prop up the limb securely while it heals. 

Keep in mind that it’s usually better to let the tree grow new branches to replace damaged ones. Unless you really like the way the branch enhances the tree’s shape or it’s crucial for the overall structure, sometimes starting fresh is the way to go. 

Tree Specialists in Wake Forest You Can Trust

Will broken branches kill a tree? Instead of waiting for the impact of broken branches on tree health, why not lean on the expertise of Raleigh Tree Service? We can:

  • Assess damaged flora with a keen eye
  • Provide expert trimming
  • Use modern techniques for branch repair
  • Offer guidance on preventing future damage
  • Implement proactive tree care plans
  • And more

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