Eight Best Trees for Small Backyards

Many homeowners already know about trees that reach towering heights. However, they may not know that they can also find trees for small backyards.

Would you like to enjoy the numerous benefits trees offer but don’t have the space for them?

Read on for a list of eight of the best trees for small backyards and how Wake Forest’s professional tree service can help you care for them.

1. Japanese Maple

The Japanese maple tree comes in various shapes, colors, and sizes. In fall, this gorgeous tree has foliage that features hues of crimson, orange, scarlet, and yellow. Moreover, the tree proves relatively easy to manage, only reaching a maximum height of 15 feet tall.

You could opt for the crimson queen variety, which ranges between six and 10 feet, or the dissectum option, whose height tops at 12 feet.

2. Prairifire Crabapple

Add a bit of color to your backyard with the deep-pink flowers that sprout from the prairifire crabapple. If that wasn’t enough, you could enjoy the purplish fruits that dominate this deciduous tree during fall and winter.

3. Crepe Myrtle

You can have a cluster of crepe myrtle trees and still have space in your backyard.

Many homeowners are familiar with the Natchez crepe myrtle. However, the tree also has several smaller varieties.

Some of these varieties include the Acoma crepe myrtle, which spots white flowers and only grows up to 10 feet tall. You could also opt for the Cheyenne crepe myrtle that has a maximum height of 12 feet and sprouts bright red flowers.

4. Royal Star Magnolia

The royal star magnolia maxes out at 15 feet tall and 15 feet wide and has green leaves that create the perfect backdrop. Furthermore, the tree dazzles your backyard with a stunning show of white-pink, deep-pink, or reddish-pink flowers in the spring.

These evergreen trees can tolerate heat and cold better than the average magnolia.

5. Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossoms make stunning additions to any backyard, thanks to the breathtaking pink blossoms they produce in spring. The okame is a popular alternative for those looking for the best trees for small backyards.

6. Rose of Sharon

You could also get your hand on the modern rose of Sharon hybrids that bloom for longer periods and feature nicer forms and more colors. Furthermore, with a maximum height of 12 feet and the ability to adapt to various USDA zones, this option makes the perfect option for your small backyard.

A popular variant includes the Arden hybrid that spots purple flowers and the Diana that sprouts a variety of white, night-blooming flowers.

7. Japanese Stewartia

Are you looking for something shorter? Then the Japanese stewartia makes the perfect option for your Wake Forest, NC, home.

This relative of the camellia provides low canopies that top at 10 feet. The best part stems from the beautiful white flowers the tree produces in mid-summer and the green foliage homeowners enjoy year-long.

8. Dogwood

While this option comes in multiple varieties, most growing well in well-drained soil and partial shade, flowering dogwood trees rank as the most popular pick.

This tree showcases large blooms of pink and white shades and usually reaches a height of 15 feet.

Professional Tree Services in Wake Forest, NC

Professional tree care is key to enjoying the wonders these options offer. Fortunately, Wake Forest, NC, homeowners can count on Raleigh Tree Service for the quality services their trees need to thrive.

We are always ready to answer all your tree-related inquiries, such as, “Is my tree dead or dormant?”

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