Is My Tree Dead or Dormant?

It can be tough to tell if your tree is healthy, especially in the early stages when it’s still leafing out. However, there are a few telltale signs that can help you decide. Hiring professionals to inspect your trees is also a good call. If you are looking for a tree company in Wake Forest, our professionals at Raleigh Tree Service are happy to help!

If you’re asking, “is my tree dead or dormant?” look for these signs before calling a tree service company.

Check for Healthy Branches

It is likely dead look for signs of new growth emerging from the base of the tree. In particular, look for branches that start to grow near the base and gradually extend upward. In a dormant but healthy tree, this growth should sprout evenly along the tree’s trunk. Uneven new growth could signify that the tree has a disease or pest infestation, and no growth may mean your tree is dead.

Look for Leaning

If you’re wondering, “is my tree dead or dormant?” dormant trees tend to lean toward the side of the tree where new leaves grow because the roots are firmly anchored in the soil on that side. Diseased trees may have asymmetrical growth patterns because one side of the tree is weaker than the other.

Inspect Leaf Color

New growth emerging from the base of a tree is often green. If the fresh leaves are yellow or brown, the tree may be sick or dying. If most of the leaves on the tree turn brown and drop from the branches during the spring or summer, it is likely to die. However, many species of trees lose their leaves for the winter. While leaf color is usually a good indicator of tree health, it is not the definitive sign of whether a tree is dead or dormant.

Check for New Growth

Check for any green shoots at the tree’s base or any buds forming anywhere on the tree. They should have both leaves and small stems attached at this stage. If the shoots are too small to see easily, use a magnifying glass to inspect them.

Healthy trees produce new leaves every year during the spring season. If you don’t see any sign of fresh leaves emerging, or if the leaves are brown, wilted, or covered in dust and debris, your tree is likely dying.

What Are Your Next Steps?

If your tree is dead or dying, it is essential to remove it immediately to protect your property and family from harm. A dead branch or dead leaves don’t always mean that you need to eliminate the entire tree: pruning can remove dead branches and save the healthy tree trunk.

You should remove any dead parts of the tree as soon as possible before they fall and cause damage to your home or the surrounding areas. Call a professional tree service company to help you prune only the branches that need removal. Bad tree pruning may damage the tree’s root system if the cuts are too severe. Signs of bad tree pruning include uneven cuts to the tree trunk. Pruning cuts should be made in straight lines and never at an angle.

Call Raleigh Tree Service for Expert Tree Care

If you’re still asking, ‘is my tree dead or dormant?’, you should contact a tree removal expert to help you determine the best course of action for your particular situation. At Raleigh Tree Service, we can help you remove damaged or dead trees so that you can keep your family safe and avoid expensive damage to your property. Call us at 919-889-5783 today for a consultation.

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