Do Mature Trees Need Watering in Wake Forest, NC?

At Raleigh Tree Service, the leading tree service in Wake Forest, we focus on helping our clients. To that end, we started this blog series of commonly asked questions. In this post, we’ll answer the question, “Do mature trees need watering?”

The Short Answer

Do fully grown trees need watering? Sometimes, they do. 

When you consider the importance of old trees, you’ll realize that they’re worth a little extra effort. Most of the time, plants can look after themselves if they have a well-established root system. 

That’s assuming they get enough rainfall for their needs. You’ll have to consider watering established trees during times of drought, low rainfall, or excessive heat. 

Some Things to Keep in Mind

Now that we can answer, “Do mature trees need watering?” let’s look at some mature tree watering tips:

  • With a sapling, the roots are near the trunk. An older tree spreads its roots at least as far as the end of its canopy. When watering, make sure you drench the entire area and a little beyond it. 
  • It’s best to remove grass near the trunk as it competes with your tree for resources. 
  • Caring for mature trees with water is easier if you mulch. You should apply a layer about three inches thick and extend it to the end of the canopy. However, don’t put it right up against the trunk because it will rot, and this could infect the tree. 
  • Don’t fertilize during times of low rainfall. The salts dry out the earth. The nutrients also promote new growth, meaning that the tree needs more water than usual. 

The Watering Requirements for Mature Trees

Should you just drench the roots and carry on as normal? This is the approach most people adopt when they realize that the answer to “Do mature trees need watering?” is “yes.” Unfortunately for them, this is counterproductive. 

You’re better off setting up a drip irrigation system and delivering the dose of water slowly over a matter of hours. If you suddenly throw gallons of water at your tree, it’ll mistakenly think that the wet season is here. It will then send out new growth which it can’t support. 

Do some research into how much water your tree needs and water accordingly. Give it a deep watering through drip irrigation once a week rather than shorter sessions more frequently. This encourages the roots to dig deeper, making them more drought-resistant in the future. 

Before adding any moisture, dig a hole about two inches deep. If the soil is moist, wait another day or two. If it’s dry, consider watering more often. 

You can also try driving an eight-inch screwdriver into the soil. If it goes in easily, you’ve got the right dose. If you can’t push it in all the way, the soil needs more moisture. 

The Best Way to Water Your Trees

You should set up a soaker hose so that it spirals out from the trunk. Go just beyond the canopy and then set your timer. You can work out how long you need to run the hose by working out the flow speed and how much water your tree needs. 

We also recommend checking the soil every now and again to make sure that it’s retaining the moisture as it should. 

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