Five Tips for Selecting Trees for Your Yard

Selecting trees for your yard should be an exciting endeavor. Gorgeous trees can add value and curb appeal over the years, but only if you get the choice of tree exactly right for the space.

This brief guide covers tips for choosing the ideal trees, as shared by Raleigh Tree Service in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

Why Plant Trees In The First Place?

Trees are an incredible mood booster, and good for mental and physical health. Your yard’s trees will improve your local ecosystem. However, selecting trees for your yard requires careful consideration of the following:

  • Weather conditions
  • Your preferred tree types
  • The tree’s intended purpose and more

Five Ways To Select The Perfect Tree

Here are five considerations when selecting a tree for your yard:

#1 Research Climate and Indigenous Species

Which tree species grow well in your area’s climate? Which ones are native tree species? If weather and soil conditions aren’t perfect, you still have the option to make some changes and help your trees adapt. 

Look into some of the most beloved tree species in your area. Which ones could suit your property’s needs? Remember, trees that need frequent rainfall may not do well in hot and dry climates, but indigenous species to that region will do just fine.

#2 Decide on Your Trees’ Purpose

Tree selection is all about finding the best-fitting candidate. Did you choose your new trees to add some vibrant colors to your landscaping? Are they a yard improvement measure to add shade? 

Intentionally selecting trees ensures they can do what you want them to do and you can enjoy them as they mature.

#3 The Right Planting Location Matters

When selecting trees for your yard, you don’t need a background in arboriculture to find the perfect spot to plant them. Look for any obstacles nearby that could interfere with growth or pose a serious safety hazard, such as:

  • Power lines
  • Other trees
  • Structures

The main consideration is enough room for the roots to spread and anchor.

#4 Deciduous vs. Evergreen Trees

Do you want trees with shade that lasts all year long and maintain their beauty? If so, evergreen trees are a good choice. 

Deciduous trees can add plenty of privacy and shade to your yard but will typically shed their leaves in the fall and experience new growth in the spring.

#5 Don’t Forget About Tree Debris

Many trees drop debris, whether it’s seed pods, fruits, nuts, or leaves, during seasonal changes. While these may not negatively impact your garden design, they could contribute to frequent yard maintenance or pose a hazard for people and pets. 

Tree debris may also act as a food source for local wildlife that consumes dropped fruit, seeds, or nuts. If that’s what you’re hoping for, there are plenty of nature-friendly options. If not, this kind of information could make or break your decision to add a certain tree to your yard.

Bonus Tip: Trust a Tree Expert’s Advice For Tree Selection

If this all seems challenging, working with an experienced arborist like Raleigh Tree Service can make the planting and selection process much smoother. Local tree experts help with planting trees and other tree health care and pruning services to give your trees a stronger, healthier start and support them as they grow.

Trusted Tree Care Services | Raleigh Tree Service

One last professional tip is never to introduce invasive species—the decision could have disastrous consequences for your yard and the nearby ecosystem! If you have any other questions about trees or selecting trees for your yard, Raleigh Tree Services can help with the following and more:

  • Tree pruning and trimming
  • Stump grinding and removal

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