Answering Frequently Asked Questions about Trees

There’s a lot more to caring for trees than some water and sun. And whether you are new to it or have been at it for years, you are bound to have several questions about trees.

Raleigh Tree Service, the local tree service Wake Forest trusts, hears many questions in this line of work. Below, we share some answers and tips so that anyone can grow beautiful trees.

Are There Any Benefits to Having Trees on My Property?

Yes, having trees on your property promises plenty of benefits. Depending on the tree, you could enjoy the following:

  • Enhanced curb appeal
  • Increased property value
  • Reduced rain runoff that causes erosion
  • Improved air quality
  • Harnessed shade to save on heating and cooling costs

Is There a Right Time to Plant a Tree?

Yes. While you can plant trees in any season, there is a right and wrong time to do so. For instance, experts don’t recommend planting sensitive tree species during summer or winter because the roots can either dry out or freeze. 

Your trees need a solid foundation to thrive, especially as saplings. And since the tallest trees need the strongest foundation, it’s best to schedule most planting for springtime.

Is It Better to Plant Indigenous Trees?

Choosing between native and non-native trees doesn’t seem as important with how we have already altered today’s urban landscape. When deciding what tree to plant, you can either opt to look at native trees or analyze your property’s conditions and pick a species that can thrive there. However, we don’t recommend planting trees classified as invasive species in your area if you want to do your part for the ecosystem.

Should I Fertilize My Tree?

When it comes to questions about trees, this one is quite common. The short answer is yes; fertilizing your tree will provide it with the nutrients it needs to grow. However, it is important to pick the right fertilizer.

Also, you should fertilize your tree at the right time. Fertilizing in the spring and fall offers the tree support during and after the growing season and rejuvenates the sun-soaked soil. Doing so in winter could mean the tree grows quickly but cannot sustain that new growth under freezing conditions.

Why Is My Tree Not Blooming?

Tree owners often look forward to spring. After all, nothing beats the immense beauty of trees in bloom or full foliage. It can be worrying when you notice a tree that’s failing to thrive, and it could be for various reasons. For example, if you prune it in early spring or it has a lack of nutrients, your tree might not bloom.

Why Are My Tree’s Leaves Turning Brown?

Everyone wants their trees to have beautiful green leaves in the high season. If the leaves turn brown instead, the tree may well be suffering from dehydration, diseases, or pest infestations. The issue could also be a result of rodents chewing the bark around the branches, girdling them to prevent water and nutrients from getting to the leaves. 

In all cases, it’s best to speak to a professional arborist to diagnose and treat the issue early.

Professional Tree Service in Wake Forest, NC

Without consistent care, your trees won’t be as beautiful or as healthy. So, caring for your trees is essential. It is also much easier with a capable team of tree experts on hand, like Raleigh Tree Service.

We are familiar with almost every tree in the world and have experience that will serve your trees well. From determining the best soil for trees to providing professional pruning, you can rely on our local experts to take care of your trees.

If you have more questions about trees, please contact Raleigh Tree Service today at 919-889-5783!

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