Should I Get Help For A Split Tree Trunk?

If you have a tree in your yard exhibiting signs of splitting at the trunk, you may wonder if you should get help fixing it. This post provides everything you need to know about a split tree trunk. You will also learn the significance of getting professional service from an arborist offering the best tree trimming in Wake Forest

What Would Cause a Tree Trunk to Split?

Various factors can lead to split tree trunks, including the following:

Frost Cracks

Frost cracking is one of the most common causes of vertical splits in tree trunks. It usually results from alternating warm and cold temperatures, especially in early spring. This problem is common in areas that experience repeated low-temperature fluctuations. 

You can prevent frost cracks by getting a professional to prune your trees in late fall and winter. You should also fertilize the trees in late and early fall. 

Internal Decay

Tree trunks may also split due to internal decay from diseases or wood-boring pest infestations. Young trees are significantly more prone to split tree trunks due to pest and disease infestations. A certified arborist can help you diagnose the cause of your tree damage and recommend a suitable solution. 

Winter Sun Scald

Extreme weather and temperature changes resulting from sun scald may also cause a split tree trunk. When sunlight warms a tree up on a winter day, the sudden drop in temperature at night may cause the tree bark to split permanently. This phenomenon commonly occurs on the south-facing sides of trees. 

Can A Tree Heal From a Split Trunk?

With the proper knowledge, you can save a tree with a less severe split trunk. Joining the split trunk with bolts and nuts can help accelerate healing. If the damaged area does not exceed 25% of the trunk’s circumference, the tree can heal slowly and thrive again.

However, if the damage affects more than half of the tree’s crown, the chances are that the tree will not survive. If you’re unsure how to calculate this, rely on an arborist to advise you on the best way forward. Taking a drill to your tree without the proper knowledge of how to join a tree back together in a safe and healthy way could do much more harm than good. 

What To Do if Your Tree’s Trunk Splits

If you notice a tree with a split trunk in your yard, do not hesitate to contact a professional tree care service. The professional will examine the tree to determine the extent of the damage and recommend the best solution. They may suggest repair or removal. 

If removal turns out to be the best option, it’s best to leave it to a certified arborist. These professionals have the skills and equipment to handle the damage safely without any injuries or damage to nearby properties or your healthy trees. 

Left unchecked, trees with severely split trunks can eventually fall, leading to costly environmental and property damage. The sooner you seek care for your split tree trunk, the better.

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