How Far to Plant a Tree from a House?

Trees can do wonders for your curb appeal and outdoor environment. They can also increase your property’s value and beautify your front or back landscape. You may consider planting a tree or two for any of these reasons, or simply because you like how trees provide natural shade to your home.

Before you grab the shovel, there are some things you should know. “How far to plant a tree from a house?” “Which species are safe to plant near your home?”

The Raleigh Tree Service is here to provide you with the proper guidance and knowledge on planting ornamental trees or fruit trees in your backyard. If you need any additional help, consider a tree service in Cary, NC, by Raleigh Tree Service. We are proud providers of professional tree care services in the area and are ready to assist any local homeowner with the requirements.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tree Location

Planting a tree in your garden is an exciting project. You can involve your children and turn it into a family thing. However, before you start digging, it is essential to consider the following factors to avoid structural damage or accidents.

Some Tree Types are More Appropriate to Plant Near Your Home

If you want to plant a tree to boost your property’s value, a shade tree can add up to $1,500 to the overall value. Shade trees are an excellent investment because they also block UV rays and can significantly decrease your air conditioning expenses.

According to  research by the Department of Energy, a well-landscaped home produces enough energy savings to pay for itself in approximately seven to eight years. For example, Deciduous trees can block most heat during the summer months and allow sun rays during the winter.

Tree’s Size at Maturity

When deciding how far to plant a tree from a house, you should also take the tree’s size at maturity. One way to do it is to divide the mature spread of the tree you want to plant in half. The number you’ll get is the minimum distance from where you should plant the tree.

Tree’s Height

The height of a mature tree can also help you calculate how far away from your house you should plant a tree.

For example, you should plant large trees or those that grow to 70 feet at least 20 feet from your property. You should plant medium-sized trees (50 feet) at least 15 feet from the property and plant small trees (up to 30 feet) ten feet from your house.

Tree’s Root System

Besides the tree’s height, you’ll also want to consider the roots’ size. Overgrown roots can damage the foundation and disrupt pipes. So, it is better to avoid planting trees with aggressive roots too close to your house.

Keep in mind that tree roots can spread up to three times the crown’s width, so planting large trees at a calculated distance away from the property is essential. You’ll want to avoid some types of trees because of their extensive roots, such as cottonwoods, willow trees, Norway maples, aspens, poplars, and American elm trees.

Instead, go for smaller trees with shallow roots like Japanese maple trees.

Trust the Experts at Raleigh Tree Service

Deciding how far to plant a tree from a house is only the first step in the process. Once you plant it at the right location, you want to service it regularly. For additional tree care services, including tree removal, trimming, pruning, lot clearing, or emergency services, you can count on our experts to help.

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