Why Is Planting Trees Important?

If you wonder, “Why is planting trees important,” take a deep breath and remember that trees have provided the world with breathable air throughout our planet’s existence. Slightly less critical provisions from trees include shade from the sun, animal habitats, and foods like fruits, nuts, and berries. We also turn to trees for reliable lumber to build our homes, and since ancient times humans have used trees for their medicinal properties.

Some homeowners have dead or dying trees pulled down and never replace them. Planting young trees in their place helps balance your local ecological system while providing you the pride of watching the trees grow. For proper tree inspection, removal, or planting, use a reliable tree service in Wake Forest, NC; in the meantime, let’s examine what makes tree planting so important.

1. Trees Provide the Air We Breathe

In one year, a single tree provides enough clean, oxygen-rich air for ten people. During the photosynthesis process, trees absorb carbon dioxide and use it to produce their own energy, releasing oxygen as a by-product. From the city block to the countryside, cleaner air starts with planting more trees.

2. Trees Reduce the Greenhouse Effect

When greenhouse gases build up in the air, it creates a wall that traps heat in our atmosphere. Trees dilute that gas build-up by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in our environment. The more trees we plant, the less heat we trap.

3. Trees Provide Homes to Wildlife

Some may ask, “Why is planting trees important,” because they figure that more trees mean more raccoons, opossums, and other unwanted pests. Those animals seek food from urban areas because they’ve lost their natural habitat. Trees provide shelter and an abundance of food like berries, nuts, and insects that would prevent wild animals from invading yards and trash cans.

4. Trees Control the Water Table

As enormous plants that rely heavily on water, trees reduce the possibility of flooding and overworked storm drains. An adult tree may absorb up to 100 gallons of excess water throughout a single year. Tree roots also provide an excellent deterrent for erosion while improving the surrounding soil quality.

5. Trees Are a Primary Commercial Resource

Besides providing food and medicines, the various tree species give us access to woods of different colors, grains, and hardness levels. We use wood to build houses, commercial buildings, furniture, and other constructs. Other surprising inventions impossible without trees includes:

  • Chewing gum
  • Cork
  • Sponges
  • Rayon fabric
  • Tires
  • Modern-day paper products

6. Trees Contribute to Better Physical and Mental Health

Japanese inventions include physical products we use daily, from car navigation systems to selfie sticks. The Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, could help to lower stress levels and blood pressure while boosting our moods and immune systems. The practice involves a simple walk through the trees, which many of us can do at local parks or in our backyards.

7. Trees Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home or Business

Besides providing necessities and emotional benefits, trees look great when used in home or business building landscaping. Many homeowners love the idea of a tree-filled yard and enjoy the shade that helps lower utility costs year-round. Homes with well-cared-for trees often sell faster, have a higher price tag, and garner more visits from potential buyers.

Trees: Important for the Environment and Economy

The reasons above give you the answer to “Why is planting trees important.” Whether you’re considering uprooting an old tree or planting new ones, call (919) 889-5783 to speak with the experts at Raleigh Tree Service. We can help you plan your landscaping ideas or guide you on signs of bad tree pruning.

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