Tree Time: What Is the Best Time to Trim Trees?

The trees in your backyard or beside your business provide shade, shelter for local wildlife and bring a charming touch of nature to your outside space, so taking care of them well is vital. Do you want to trim trees in your backyard or beside your business, but still keep them as healthy as possible? Are you wondering: ‘Is there a tree trimming service near me?’

When is the best time of year to trim trees? We’re here to help.  

In this article, we’ll answer those questions and more.

A Reliable Tree Trimming Service

Tree trimming companies like ours typically operate all year round. However, there is an optimal time of year to get your trees cut into a more manageable state. The ideal season to prune back most trees is winter. That’s when trees go into their most dormant stage of their natural cycle. Resultantly, they are less susceptible to disease and have plenty of time over spring to heal and grow healthy again.

Winter is also a time of year when there’s naturally less foliage which means there’s more visibility for tree trimming crews and less impact on the surrounding landscape with falling leaves. 

Depending on the type of tree there might be some more specific advice, however. 

Young Trees Benefit From Light Pruning

Even young trees that might not seem to need much work can benefit from a good trim. If you start trimming trees when they are younger they can grow stronger and need less trimming as they age. By taking away some of the branches when they’re younger the tree will also invest all its energy in taking your preferred shape. We wrote an article about the six signs it’s time to prune your trees.

Subtropical Trees Prefer Delicate Trims

In Subtropical areas like Florida and California, trees are exposed to sunshine all year round. They don’t have a dormant season in some cases and can die if too much of their living tissue is removed. We recommend only pruning up to 30 percent of a subtropical tree’s live tissue to keep it strong and healthy. 

Flowering Trees Love Being Trimmed

If you have a tree with blossoms you can increase the number of flowers that bloom each season by pruning it correctly so that it ensures all its energy is spent making gorgeous flowers. They should be ‘deadheaded’ after the blooming season, which means removing the spent blooms unless they will go on to become fruit.

Tree Trimming Tools

The most common five tree trimming tools are probably hand shears, loppers, pole pruners, a handsaw, and a chainsaw. It’s worth getting a specialist business like ours to help you to trim your trees because we’ll ensure work is carried out safely. We can also work at height which can be dangerous for people who are not experienced. 

Palm Tree Trimming

The best tool to trim a palm tree is a set of bypass pruning shears because you can use a pole to reach branches that are over 15 feet overhead. Keeping a palm tree well maintained can increase its health, appearance and if it’s a tree that fruits even lead to a higher yield of fruit. 

For fruit trees more generally, there’s a special way to prune them. Hiring someone like us ensures it’s done correctly. 

Looking For ‘Tree Trimming Near Me?’

If you want to trim trees but keep them as healthy as possible Raleigh Tree Service can help. 

We hope this article helped you to decide when the best time of the year is going to be to trim your trees.

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