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Tree Removal Permit Raleigh, NC, City of Raleigh Tree Manual

Widely known as The City of Oaks, it will come as no surprise to find out how seriously the city of Raleigh, North Carolina, takes its trees. Even though according to the law, you can remove any tree that is wholly on your private property without the city’s interference, the guidelines can get a bit confusing.

This confusion comes from the need for a tree removal permit if you intend to cut down a city tree. To help clear up any confusion, we will inform you of everything you need to know about how to get a tree removal permit in Raleigh, NC, along with when and why it is necessary.

What Are City Trees?

Before we get to tree removal permits, we must first define what city trees are. City trees are trees that are located entirely or partly within the city right-of-way or city properties. While it might sound straightforward, most people do not know where their property lines are.

Though in most cases, the ownership of a tree is determined by the position of the tree’s body or trunk, this is not the case when dealing with city trees. If you have trees on your property next to the sidewalk and whose branches and leaves hang out over the road, these trees are essentially considered city trees.

Tree Removal Permits

Before you do any work on a city tree or a tree within 15 feet of a city tree, you must get a tree impact permit.

According to the code, if you fail to do so, you could receive a $250 fine if it is your first time violating tree rules. For repeat violations done within a year of the first fine, you could be made to part with $500.

To help you avoid this, here is all you need to know about how the tree removal permit in Raleigh, NC, works and how to file for one.

Why Does the Urban Forestry Need You To Have a Permit for Tree Work?

It is all a matter of jurisdiction. You wouldn’t want your neighbor cutting down a tree that is on your property, would you?

The city’s Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources Department has jurisdiction over city street trees, including those growing on greenways and streets, city parks, and any other public property controlled or owned by the city of Raleigh, NC.

By applying for the permit, the Urban Forester can review the proposed work, ensuring that it aligns with city codes and current best practices for tree removal, tree protection, and tree maintenance.

How To Go About Getting a Permit

For you to get a tree removal permit, you will need to apply for one. You can do so through the city’s Permit and Development Portal. Once you are there, simply click ‘Apply,’ then ‘Permits.’ Look for ‘Tree Impact Permit,’ and click on it.

You will need to log in or register, and there will be a fee associated with your tree removal permit application.

Once you submit your application, the city will send an ISA Certified Arborist who will evaluate the tree’s condition and provide the findings.

ISA Certified Arborists are people who have completed the requirements established by the Arborist Certification Board of the International Society of Arboriculture. They must also maintain good standing within this organization.

For the tree to be considered for removal, it must either be diseased, dead, or dying. The city can also approve your permit if the tree is deemed dangerous or is part of an approved development plan.

Tree Removal Services in Raleigh, NC

Should the city grant you a tree removal permit, it is vital to hire a professional tree removal company. The process of tree removal is not only a physical undertaking but also potentially dangerous.

At Raleigh Tree Service, we have professionals with the proper training, experience, and equipment. Whether the removal process will need a bucket truck, crane, or climbers, we have everything the job needs. We are also well-versed in the safety measures we need to put in place to ensure that you, your family, and your property remain safe.

Our approach also ensures that the tree removal process does not impact your neighbor’s or nearby structures. Our extensive experience and expertise enable us to handle tree removals even if the tree is leaning over your home or fence or positioned close to a high voltage power line. Whether you need commercial or residential tree removal in Raleigh, NC, call Raleigh Tree Service today at (919)-889-5783 and schedule a tree removal consultation.

You have come to the right place for expert Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Stump Grinding and Friendly Service! At Raleigh Tree Service, we proudly provide Greater Raleigh, NC and The Triangle with safe, affordable and efficient tree service.

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