5 Tree Cutting Best Practices You Should Know

The average lifespan of an urban street tree is between 19 and 28 years. Trees in the wild can live much longer, sometimes hundreds of years depending on the type of tree.

If some of your trees have reached the end of their lifespan you may want to think about cutting them down. Tree cutting can be hazardous and challenging if you don’t know what you are doing.

Learning how to cut down a tree is a tricky process that requires at the very minimum professional supervision. If you are wondering how to remove a tree, these 5 tree removal tips will give you a good idea of where to start.

1. Know Your Skill Level When Tree Cutting

If you are a new feller, you should be very cautious about what trees to take. Always act under the supervision of someone more experienced if you don’t know what you are doing. 

If you have no idea what you are doing you should contact a professional tree removal specialist to take your trees for you. That way you won’t put your life or property at risk.

2. Get the Proper Equipment

At the very least you will need a solid chainsaw. The undisputed best professional chainsaws for felling are Stihls. If you plan on getting into felling on a regular basis you should shell out the extra coin for one.

You may also need ropes, wedges, jacks, and heavy equipment depending on the scale of your tree removal operation. Don’t neglect safety equipment such as chaps, hard hats, and safety glasses as well.

3. Size up Your Tree First

The most important part of felling a tree is sizing it up. From a new feller to a professional arborist everyone sizes up their tree first to stay safe. This includes determining the lean and lay of the tree. 

It also includes assessing any hazards and identifying your escape routes. The final part of the tree size up is clearing out your work area from brush and hazards. Even basic tree trimming and tree pruning require a size up.

4. Take Your Tree Safely

Always watch the top of your tree when you are cutting. Never cut through your holding wood. Always fix dutchman and other sloppy aspects of your face-cut. Always use your gunning sites to aim the tree.

Keep your thumb wrapped around the saw handle to prevent kickback injuries. These are a few tips to take your tree safely.

5. Clean Up Your Worksite

After you have taken your tree, buck it up and remove it. For lot clearing operations you should plan for a burn to help rejuvenate the land.

At the very least you should remove all slash and carry out practices such as stump grinding. This will help your land look great and be ready for either development or regrowth.

Have Fun Felling

Felling trees can be a lot of fun but it is also very dangerous. If you don’t have ample tree-felling experience you should contact a professional to do it for you.

No matter how many tree cutting tips you read, they will not replace years of experience.

Contact us today if you want an experienced tree service that can handle your tree removal needs. That way you can stay alive and healthy while keeping your land the same way as well.

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