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Most subdivisions, businesses, and cities have public areas of land that either separate the city streets from your home’s property or are used for public parks or green spaces.  This land may be used for utility poles, traffic signs, walking trails, or public spaces where people are allowed to walk through.  These spaces are technically called right of ways, and your local municipality is typically responsible for keeping these areas clear from overgrown trees or fallen branches.  Raleigh Tree Service has years of experience working with local right of ways in the Raleigh and Cary area , and we’re experienced in providing the following right-of-way services:

  • Timber Mowing
  • Restricted Access Tree Removal
  • Right of Way Clearing

Timber Mowing

 Timber mowing is a wonderful, eco-friendly way to clear spaces in heavily forested areas.  If trees become too overpopulated, or there is an invasive species that overtakes the intentional foliage, it will limit the nutrient absorption and growth of the surrounding trees.  If you own a piece of property that is overgrown, Raleigh Tree Service can remove certain trees, mow the tree, and redistribute the organic material over the property.  The mulched wood will help boost the soil’s nutrients and help to level areas of uneven land.  It is incredibly beneficial to the remaining trees, it’s affordable, and it recycles the tree naturally.  

Restricted Access Tree Removal 

Trees along your street or sideway greatly add to the beauty of your neighborhood.  Trees are also vital to environmental health.  However, sometimes a storm barrels through removing limbs, which is dangerous for you and the tree. If this happens to tree in a a right-of-way or restricted access area, you must contact the city.  It is their responsibility to assess and rectify the situation.  We work closely with the local municipality to make sure trees are removed according to local ordinance and permits are acquired when needed.

Right Of Way Clearing   

Sometimes right-of-way areas get overlooked for long periods of time, which can lead to overgrowth of trees, grass, and plants. This can cause traffic accidents if street signs or lights are obstructed.  It can also become an electrical hazard if branches are hanging amongst above-ground power lines.  Raleigh Tree Service has the experience, equipment, and skillset needed to properly clear the area from overgrowth.

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Whether you need tree maintenance for a right of way, have questions regarding restricted access tree removal, or tree mowing, we have you covered.  We have a thorough understanding of local regulations and permitting requirements.  We’re passionate about providing environmentally conscious tree care and focusing on what our clients need.  Call us today at (919)-889-5783 today to discuss your tree service needs and schedule your consultation!

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