5 Reasons Tree Trimming is Important for Your Garden

Did you know that roadside trees can cut indoor air pollution by as much as 50%?

Trees can also boost property values, help you save on cooling costs, and can even help reduce crime. Plus, they’re beautiful and calming to look at. 

But, that doesn’t mean trees are completely maintenance-free. Routine tree trimming should be an item on your gardening to-do list. 

Read on to learn why it’s so important to trim your trees.

1. Encourages Healthy Growth

You might think that leaving a tree alone would be best for its growth. But, just like your hair needs regular trims to stay healthy, so does your tree. 

Removing diseased or twisted branches can give healthier branches a better chance to succeed. This will encourage more healthy branches to grow. 

2. Improves Your Garden’s Appearance

A properly shaped tree or hedge can instantly transform the look of your garden. It can go from looking wild and uncared for to a well-manicured prize garden with a little garden shaping. 

If you have smaller shrubs or bushes planted under your tree, trimming the branches can also improve those plants too. Simple adjustments can change how much rainwater or sunlight they get. Your entire garden will look better. 

3. Prevents Damage and Injury

Tree trimming removes rotten or compromised branches before they break off on their own. That means you won’t have to worry as much about weak branches falling on your home or car during a storm.  

Keeping trees trimmed can also lower the risk of injury from falling branches. Cutting off low-hanging branches can keep pedestrians from accidentally walking into the tree. 

4. Leads to More Blossoms or Fruit

If you have a tree that flowers or bears fruit, pruning it can actually lead to a higher yield. Plus, the flowers and fruits you do get, will often look healthier and taste better. 

The exact type of pruning services you’ll need will depend on what variety of tree you have. For flowers, you might need to cut off spent blossoms. For fruit trees, you may need to do a lot of minor trimming during the dormant season. 

5. Influences Plant Growth Direction

You can also use garden shaping tools to influence the direction or shape your tree grows in. You can use specific trimming strategies to make your tree grow tall and narrow or keep it rounded and full. 

You can even cut a close row of trees into hedges to transform your garden. You’ll just need to keep trimming the hedges back to make them grow in the right shape. Eventually, the trees will adapt to the shape and grow thicker. 

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Tree trimming can make your tree healthier, more fruitful, and better looking. Plus, it lowers your risk of injury or damage during a storm. 

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