Cary, NC Tree Service Provider offers Spring Tree Pruning Tips

Spring tree pruning is an essential responsibility for every homeowner. Not only can removing overgrown, weak, and dead branches from your tree improve the health of the tree, it can also enhance the curb appeal of your property as well as increase your home’s value if you decide to sell it in the future.

For most tree species, the best time of the year to prune trees is when the trees are in the dormant period – typically from November through March in North Carolina. This is because trees are less susceptible to pests or diseases during this year.

Trimming your trees in the growing season when diseases and pests are active can render fresh pruning wounds to infection. Although tree pruning is possible in spring, cautions must be taken to ensure you get the best out of the process.

Pruning Trees in Early Spring

You can safely remove overgrown, weak, dead, and dying branches in early spring as long as you don’t remove tree branches in excess. Cutting out too many branches can stress the tree and put them at risk of disease and pest infestation. The rule of thumb is to avoid cutting more than 10-20 percent of a tree’s branch in a year.

Proper Tree Pruning Tips

As with anything tree work, there are right and wrong ways to prune your tree’s branches in spring. It is important to stick with the rules when performing the tree pruning or hire a Cary, NC tree care service who has experience and equipment to get the work done the right way. The following are a few tips to prune your trees to get the best possible results:

  • Only remove dead, damaged, or dying branches
  • Prune out limbs that rub against each other
  • Remove V-shaped angles
  • Remove or prune out limbs growing towards the center of the tree
  • Cut close to the branch, trunk, or bud
  • When in doubt, request the help of a tree care expert in Cary, NC

Tree pruning is very crucial to your tree’s health and safety. Getting professional guidance on spring tree pruning can save you a lot of time and cost. If you have any questions about the right way to trim your trees this spring, don’t hesitate to contact Raleigh Tree Service.

The professionally trained, licensed, and insured arborists at Raleigh Tree Service are experienced in maintaining the health of all tree species and will ensure that your spring tree pruning is safely and efficiently handled. Contact them at 919-889-5783 or visit their website for a free tree estimate.

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